Glossier: The Rundown

With all the hype surrounding Glossier, I was excited to get my hands on their most popular products  (that appealed to me the most) when they were finally able to ship to the UK. I ordered the Balm Dotcom in Cherry, Boy Brow in Brown, Generation G in Zip and Mega Greens Galaxy Pack. Their detoxifying mask does exactly what it says on their website; a deep cleansing face mask. I've only used this a couple of times as a result, since dry and sensitive skin only need it now and then. At £18, it is pretty well priced especially as it includes vitamin rich leafy greens and super fruit antioxidants to keep our skin nice and nourished.

The Amanda Note- Glossier

Bad news; Generation G Lipstick in Zip was a gorgeous colour but reacted with my lips. It firstly came loose from the stick itself so that was annoying. And second, I reacted to the formulation. No too badly luckily- my upper lip just did not appreciate it at all. Ever since stopping its use, my lips have gone back to feeling normal. Although, I do not like this particular lip product I must say I love their Balm Dotcom. I got mine in Cherry. The formulation is great as it has rice bran and rosemary leaf extracts for all those antioxidant needs, including combatting free-radical skin damage and cupuacu fruit extract which contains omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids to provide long lasting moisture. Consequently making my lips feel supple and smooth after its use. This bad-boy isn't made purely for your lips; you can use it all over your skin too. Bonus!

The Amanda Note- Glossier

Last but by no means least, the Boy Brow provides the final touch to get that striking Lily Collins brow look. I went for Brown which is fine but I need to brush it out afterwards so I think I will go for Clear or Black next time to see if that works better. I will just have to wait and see. Maybe check out my Twitter so I can keep you guys updated? The pomade is a creamy wax formula that should be used to thicken and fill in brows to get that perfect, groomed brow. As Glossier says: "Brush your teeth, brush your brows and then maybe brush your hair."

The Amanda Note- Glossier

What Glossier products have you tried that I haven't? Which do you swear by? Let me know in the comments below. For now, that's just a note from me.
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