Two and half hours after leaving Seoul Station via KTX, Busan greeted us. 안녕!

Busan, situated in the South East is the largest port city in the country and the 6th largest in the world. It is also the second largest city in Korea.

We were ravenous so stayed at the station to grab food first before doing anything else.

Busan is pretty spread out so we thought it would be best for us to store our luggage at the station rather than making our way to our Airbnb and then back at to where we wanted to go. In this case, it was Taejongdae, a natural park that faces the sea and island of Yeongdo-gu. With our suitcases stowed, we made our way to the bus stop to take us there.

We had arrived in a blink of an eye and started our mini-hike through the park. 

It was impossible to just walk past without stopping as the views were so beautiful.

Call it serendipitous but our timing was perfect for sunset.

If you were to go for a hike and were curious to know how long it takes, I'd say a round trip hike would take approximately 2 hours if you are casually strolling, stopping to take pictures and chilling out at certain points such as the Taejondae observatory.

Exploring as much as we could of Taejongdae, we made our way back to the station, grabbed our suitcases and finally headed towards our Airbnb. We quickly freshened up and headed out to see the area.

Meandering our way round, we found a restaurant for dinner. I have made the choice to not eat meat for several years now and this photo captures the moment I thought about breaking that personal choice. Salivating, I did not let the pork win. I now understand the Korean BBQ love, not fully but I get it.

Food coma ensued as we rolled ourselves back to the apartment after feeling so content with our dinner. The view from our Airbnb was epic and this was what we woke up to. Sunrise in Busan is so damn dreamy. Get me back to South Korea, right now, pleeeease! 

Our morning began heading straight to Haedong Yonggung Temple, a Buddhist temple built in 1376. It was destroyed during the Japanese invasion of Korea but then rebuilt approximately 300 years later. 

After seeing as much as we could have of the temple, we grabbed a taxi and headed straight to a brunch spot. We aimed to go to a particular cafe but it was unfortunately closed (called Ordinary Flower Cafe- the closure was random as their usual schedule did not mention it so it was a shame) but lucky for us next door was a cafe called Piensa. Holy hot damn do they make the best cookies, so much so I bought another for the flight the next day- kinda wish I bought more. They didn't do meals just snacks but even still, it was a really lovely place.

A cookie didn't suffice for either of us so we tried to find a place to go for lunch and luckily we did otherwise the hangry ways would have taken over.

We were too busy eating to take photos of our food but after lunch, we walked along the sea front and made our way to Gwangalli beach.

We walked along the beach and listened to the waves reach the shore. So peaceful and relaxing. It was truly healing- Busan you have my heart. 

We stopped at a beach facing cafe and grabbed a coffee. We people watched and chatted until the sun went down which was our cue to grab dinner- a great way to end our very short but lovely stay in Busan.

The next day had arrived sooner than we would have liked it to but not all bad as we were heading to the airport so we could fly to Jeju Island.

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