A Day in Bratislava

Bratislava's Opera House (the Slovak National Theatre) greeted us when we started our guided tour around Bratislava.

Hviezdoslav was a Slovak poet, dramatist and translator, who also worked as member of parliament. His literary work made him a renowned writer in Slovakia and as a token of appreciation, many streets are named after him as well as Hviezdoslav Square.

Here lies, Cumil the Sewer Worker, an addition to the area in 1997 to improve the look and feel of the Communist decoration and architecture of the city.

Our guide led us into Old Town where the Main Square of Bratislava lies which is home to some of the main landmarks including Old Town Hall.

The Velvet Revolution was a non violent transition of power that took place in 1989. Our tour guide shared her parents' recollection of the Velvet Revolution and how they were standing in this square when history unfolded before them.

During our tour, we were also able to visit the blue church, Church of St Elisabeth. It is a Hungarian Secessionist Catholic church, located in the eastern part of Old Town.

We had finished a wonderful tour (our tour guide was brilliant and I would highly recommend you try and join a group tour when visiting new cities, not just Bratislava) and made our way to Klastorny Pivovar for lunch.

Like traditional Viennese food, Slovakian food is quite heavy on the meat. The alternative options were essentially dairy based, it was delicious in small quantities but sickly past that.

This restaurant had kind waiters and gave great service, it was also recommended by our tour guide so we knew it would be good.

We walked around Old Town following our lunch at the restaurant.

The city is set along the Danube river by the border of Austria and Hungary. The reconstructed Bratislava castle looks over the river and Old Town so provides a great vantage point for all visitors.

We were too busy gandering around the capital of Slovakia to realise that we would nearly miss our train back to Vienna. A furrowed brow soon after realising what the time was and a quick sprint later, we caught our train by the skin of our teeth. Phew.

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