Seoul Part IV

This particular day was my birthday- yay for the best excuse for cake, not that anyone really needs an excuse!

Since we were going to Busan the following day, we had to pack that evening so the day ended up being very chilled. Before coming to Korea, I had thoroughly researched, this included binge watching YouTube videos to find the best places to go to, including cafes, which is how I found out about Kkilook House in Ikseon-dong.

We got sweet treats first and then got our "main" goodies. I ordered the avocado toast, simple but very delicious and my sister got the ham and cheese sandwich.

This cafe is just brilliant, not just the setting but the food as well. You have to try the chocolate chip cookie if you come. Don't ignore such great advice, please!

We then made our way to the Dongdaemun district- I would have liked to go in the evening as they have the Sebit markets as well as performers but since we needed to sort out packing, we went straight after brunch (guess we have to go back soon) to Dongdaemun Design Plaza, also known as DDP. 

DDP is South Korea's fashion hub and was designed by Zaha Hadid and Samoo. It was one of the main reasons for Seoul's World Design Capital given status in 2010. It has 7 levels and includes many public spaces such as conference halls, a design museum and lab, academy hall and a media centre. 

Next stop, a comic book cafe. If they had these in England/ France I could spend hours in here, naps would be the norm and I don't even nap. 

We grabbed a coffee and did a little bit of shopping before heading back to the Airbnb for the arduous task of packing.

Once we had finished, we met up with a friend and the three of us had dinner together. A relaxed evening before an earlyish start to Busan.
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