Jeju Island Part II

A pretty view to wake up to- good morning, Seogwipo.

A UNESCO World Heritage site due to its breathtaking waterfalls, Seogwipo is the second largest city on the island and was also the host of several matches of the 2002 FIFA World Cup.

You know the agenda by now, food first. We stopped off at Villa de Ato for brunch. The owners were so so lovely and if you are in the area, I highly recommend that you go for food at this wonderful establishment.

As we strolled towards our next destination, we were met by the most beautiful golden retriever. Curious to know who these strangers were, she looked pretty unphased. She was alone and her leash was around a pole outside a CU so no owner to be seen for us to ask permission from. As we approached closer and closer, we gave a friendly smile and a quick pet and she was the happiest dog you could ever hope for. My heart grew a few sizes and I never wanted to leave. She was sooo cute, fluffy and happy.

We struggled to say goodbye and headed for Jeongbang Waterfall. 

It is the only waterfall in Asia where the water falls into the sea directly. The fall is 23m high, 8m wide and 5m deep.

We then made our way to Cheonjiyeon, known as a pond where heaven and earth meet. It is a designated as a natural monument through the whole valley as it is a natural habitat for Elaeocarpus and temperature zone plants. Botanists rejoice. As well as that, it is a protected natural habitat for giant mottled eels.

Approximately 1km above the falls lies Sombancheon River which is the source of the falls' clear water. On the other side is Cheonyeonsahu, where soldiers would practice their archery skills.

A day of chasing waterfalls left the both of us in need of recharging so naturally we made a beeline for a cafe. Hello, Haru.B.

A late afternoon slipped into the evening as we watched the sunset over the water and chatted like any best friends would. We gandered our way out to grab dinner before heading back to our hotel room.

The next morning we went through Lee Jung-Seop street again and weaved our way into the Lee Jung-Seop Art Gallery & Park, which is where he used to live in 1951. The surrounding space is decorated with images of him and his work.

After some last minute shopping, we wanted to relax with some coffee and baked goods. We loved Haru.B so much we went back for a bit before we made a pit stop at Hallim Park and then continued onto our home for a couple of days in Aewol. 

Hallim Park spans almost 100 000 square metres and includes various gardens and two caves: Hyeopjaegul and Ssangyonggul caves, known to be the only two dimensional caves in the world.

The map given at the entrance of the park cleverly guides you in and out of different areas that lead you to the end of the park.

We hopped back into the car and made our way towards our new home for a couple of days, Aewol.

Night came by quicker than we would have liked it to but that also meant time for dinner. There was a place next to our Airbnb called LaLa Snacks so out of convenience we went there for dinner. Lucky for us as we loved it- it was so good that we went back the next day.

Since we didn't have lunch that day, we thought a second dinner was in order #HobbitLife

Bellies and heart full, we went to bed looking forward to the adventures awaiting us the following day.

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