Brunch Spots & Coffee Shops: London II

Edit: These were taken pre-COVID so please practice social distancing and follow your country's government guidelines.

Monmouth Coffee Company have a few locations dotted around London where they serve incredible coffee and delicious pastries. Be it a breakfast spot or an afternoon pick me up,  it is a must add to your list of coffee shops but be prepared for the long queues as the coffee is just that good. 

Bread Ahead have one restaurant out of their four locations but if I were to get you to focus on one particular thing it would be their doughnuts. If you're ever around Borough market (one of the locations of Monmouth Coffee Company) then a visit to their stall would be a great decision to make. 

Kapihan is located in Battersea and is an independently run family business with a focus on Filipino produce and culture. The relaxed atmosphere is a perfect setting for a solo trip or a catch up with loved ones. I think it is definitely in my top 3 of all the coffee shops I've been to in London and Paris so I highly recommend a visit. 

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