Hello! Welcome to The Amanda Note. I'm pretty excited that you're here reading this little corner of the blogging world so thank you.

I have always enjoyed writing so pairing that with my love for photography was a blog recipe made in heaven. My blog initially began as The MoreMandy when I decided to join the blogging bandwagon after some oohing and aahing. A few years later, my love for blogging is still at large, however, I haven't posted as much as I would have liked to, especially during university. To be perfectly honest, the number of posts became stagnant during my final year of uni as the closest thing I had to an adventure was heading to a Starbucks for a caffeine fix. Inevitably, that came with a bit of creative rut so I felt it necessary to have a blog reboot. I decided that it needed a bit of a change, so long story short, say hello to The Amanda Note.

The MoreMandy was predominantly a reflection of my adoration for travel and food but my love for skincare and makeup has definitely evolved so posts on them will definitely be appearing alongside style, travel and food posts on The Amanda Note. I can't wait to rave about everything I love, so if that ends up helping one person find their holy grail of a skincare product or give a commuter something entertaining to read on their way home, that will definitely make my day! 

Aside from The Amanda Note, I am always the first one to say yes to go to a gig or try that new restaurant. I binge watch Netflix regularly and I may grin like a Cheshire cat when watching puppy videos and GIFs. 

I guess that's just a note from me. Happy reading!
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