Rome Guide: Part I

For my sister's 25th, we went to Rome during Easter weekend. An early start and a 2 hour and half journey later, the city welcomed us with open arms. Once we arrived, first stop were the Spanish Steps. Unfortunately, the steps were under maintenance so we could only mount the stairs from the left hand side. Before we climbed the steps, we noticed a museum on the right hand side dedicated to John Keats so be sure to visit if you make a trip to Rome. We unfortunately were unable to as it was closed by the time we wanted to visit and didn't have enough time to go back during the weekend trip.After the 135 steps steep climb, the view was definitely worth it. With plenty of street artists selling their work and cheerily welcoming tourists who were ogling their work, we visited Trinit√† dei Monti, a Roman Catholic late Renaissance titular church. After lighting a candle, we made our way for more exploration of the city's monuments. 

But a quick pit stop had to be made for gelato, obviously. A scoop of pistachio and tiramisu for me. A wasn't feeling the mid-afternoon snack but I made it my mission to have at least one a day! When you've got a short amount of time in a country with the best gelato, you make sure to treat yourself more than once.

The Amanda Note- Rome The Amanda Note- Rome

Having devoured that beauty, we continued to see as much of Rome as possible. We soon found ourselves by the Trevi Fountain. We made our wishes and said farewell to this breathtakingly beautiful and historical landmark. In awe of the endless amount of history Rome had to offer, we couldn't help ourselves but see more of what the city had to offer.

We arrived at the heart of Piazza Venezia and saw the stunning architecture built by Giuseppe Sacconi called Altare della Patria which is a monument built in honour of Victor Emmanuel who was the first king of a unified Italy. It houses the museum of Italian Unification and allows visitors to visit the rooftop to gain 360° views of Rome. As the evening came to an end, we made our way back to our Airbnb  but before jumping into our bed and giving our exhausted feet a rest, we found ourselves in a bookshop that held so many books on the history of Rome. Incredibly excited for what our second day had to offer, we tucked into some takeaway pizza and slipped straight into a food coma.

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