Sangeli Island, Maldives

One of the many countries I have always wanted to visit is the Maldives. However, I assumed it was more of a honeymoon destination but we all know what they say when we assume! Luckily, my sister came up with the idea for us to go this summer as a family holiday and I did not disagree. How could I? After an extensive amount of research done by my sister (oops) Oblu Select by Atmosphere at Sangeli Island were waiting for us, so we got our booties to the airport and waited for our speed boat to get us onto the gorgeous island.

After dumping all our stuff into our new and gorgeous home for the next few days, we headed straight for dinner at "The Courtyard". A buffet type restaurant for all meals. 

We then filled our bellies to the brim, (more from the dessert section in my case) and soon after headed straight to snooze ville so that we could have an early start exploring the island, after working out in their gym.


We soon made a beeline back to "The Courtyard" for some breakfast to fuel up for the rest of the day which was filled with more exploring, swimming, snorkeling and kayaking. This was pretty much our routine everyday; my sister and I especially loved keeping busy and getting up to fun water activities.

"Is the current as rough further out, A?"

Yes, yes it was. 

For lunch the following day, we headed to "Just Grill", my favourite restaurant on the resort by far. It is on the other island of the resort which was connected onto the main island by the water villas and its path.

I was too busy eating to take photos but these starters were both exceptional; goats cheese with spinach and tuna carpaccio (the freshest and most delicious I have ever tasted).

After having the most glorious meal, we strolled our way round the smaller island. The island also holds a spa, however we didn't make use of it so I guess it's until next time for us.

Gotta love an adult only pool!

The sun was rejoicing but its searing heat made us yearn for a boat trip back rather than make our way back on foot.

The next day we had supper at "Simply Veg" (another restaurant on the smaller island); I thought it was great but I preferred "Just Grill". Both are vegetarian friendly but I'm not sure about vegan friendly. However, all chefs from all restaurants insisted that if we wanted anything in particular, they were very happy to assist.

On our penultimate day we went sunrise fishing and in the evening we went for a sunset cruise.

If you want to have a nosy in on the family deluxe beach villa with private pool, here you go:

And for the water villa with private pool:

Honeymoon suites for all the lovers (well 6 couples to be exact) so for obvious reasons we did not stay there.

With all holidays, I'm typically very content in heading home after having the best time but this was the first time I felt so sad to leave. The team working there were all incredibly hard working and kind, they make you feel so welcome and at home from the get go. I will miss you but I will hopefully see you soon, Sangeli island. 

My sister took a vast amount of these photos (thank you, A)- she is one talented photographer and doesn't even do it as a profession! Check out her Instagram if you want: @anjaliedv.

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