A Day in Brussels

On the same day we headed back to London, we made a detour to Brussels to explore the city. Lucky for us, we didn't feel that the city needed more than half a day of exploring. 

The city somehow manages to automatically pull you towards Grand Place. It is the central square of Brussels and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Another famous landmark of Brussels is Manneken Pis; a tiny bronze sculpture depicting a naked little boy urinating into a fountain's basin. I can't say I was amazed but it was incredibly busy so at least go and see it for yourself when in Brussels to understand the popularity. Your opinion may be different to mine. 

We roamed around the city walking in and out of random adjacent streets and into and out of churches.

We had done our fair share of waffle consumption so opted for some hot chocolate instead before getting our Eurostar back home.

Luckily there were no delays so we were London bound in no time. 

Out of the three cities we got to visit, my favourite was Ghent. I thought all three had stunning architecture but the city of Ghent was just that more beautiful. Thank you Belgium for treating us so well!
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