Brunch Spots & Coffee Shops: London I

Usually the best days involve good food and coffee so I inevitably gravitated towards writing a blog post on my favourite brunch spots and coffee shops.

Malibu Kitchen at The Ned brings Californian healthy eating to the city of London. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and even have an offer on Tuesdays. The Ned is a gorgeous setting and the food at Malibu Kitchen matches equally. I particularly enjoyed the bircher muesli and I'm not even a muesli fan! I would definitely recommend that you try the food here for breakfast/ brunch as you won't be disappointed with the food. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for their coffee.

Speaking of coffee, my love for the elixir of life definitely has become a regular since working, mainly because it tastes so good (for the most part) and also because it provides a quick boost of energy. Thanks to some wonderful humans, we have pretty great coffee shops and it can be quite fun to discover when exploring the city during the week.

First up on the list of favourites is Rosslyn Coffee. Everytime I have been there, the baristas are nothing but lovely, they make their small corner of the world a really nice space to be. What's really cool too is the fact that they also support and promote other businesses such as Melisa Dora (who created some bespoke Rosslyn mugs).

I'm not even close to being a coffee sommelier but I do know what tastes good to me and oh boy, the team at Rosslyn provide some sweet nectar for us to enjoy. I definitely think you should check it out and get yourself a pastry too.

I try to support more independent coffee shops but Ole & Steen are definitely a favourite when it comes to chains. They bring Danish heaven to several corners of the city and it will be a huge disservice to yourself if you didn't get yourself a slice of their 'cinnamon social' with your coffee. I opted for the peanut brownie (which was very good) this time round but it had nothing on their classic choice of pastry.

You can tell there is a running theme when I'm mentioning cinnamon baked goods but what can I say, it is in my roots. I've basically set myself a mission to find the best cinnamon buns in the city and Ekte has been placed straight to number one. Sticky, warm goodness that isn't sickly sweet. WINNER. When it comes to coffee, they do it just as well with Allpress Coffee beans. So dreamy.

My hunt for the best baked goods, coffee and brunch spots will inevitably continue so my adoration will be shared in future posts for anyone who wants the recommendations. 

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