Our Last Day in South Korea: Seoul Part V

A plane ride, a Gimpo express train journey and a short walk later and we had found our new home for the night, Signiel Seoul.

The view from our room was insane, I loved it.

After checking in, we wanted to do some shopping in the Gangnam area and thought why not try and  check out the BTS Pop-up store also- see if it isn't too busy for us to go to. By some miracle, there was no queue and we just walked in.

The BTS Pop-up store was so much fun and a really wonderful place to share with fellow ARMY, lucky for us it wasn't chaotic at all so we could take our time and really enjoy our surroundings. Everyone was polite and the staff were so helpful and friendly despite inevitably being tired from working at such a busy place. 

After choosing our favourite items at the store and wondering around the museum type like area on the upper levels, we headed out for some more shopping and dinner.

As much as we were avoiding the sad reality that our flight home was the next day, we knew we had to head back soon and play Tetris with our packing.

My expectations before travelling to South Korea were pretty high as it was more than a decade of wanting to come and the country met, if not, exceeded all my expectations. As cheesy as it sounds, I felt like I came home- I just felt so safe and the people were so warm and caring. I think we only scratched the surface of what this country has to offer. I don't know when I will be back but I definitely want to so I can visit all the places we didn't have time to go to, including various regions across the country. I hope these blog posts inspired you to add South Korea to your list of must visit countries regardless of whether you have been or not. 

Until next time, that's just a note from me.
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