I would like to see more of the UK as travelling is something I love but I think some, including myself, tend to neglect visiting cities within our own country of residence. To ensure that does not happen, my friend and I decided on visiting Oxford for the day. Our morning started fairly early at Paddington station to catch our train. 

Oxford is a university city since it is home to two including the oldest university in the English speaking world. Its rich history and beautiful architecture make it a heavily visited city, not only in the UK but in the world.

After an hour-ish journey from London to Oxford, we went straight to Columbia Coffee Roasters for a spot of breakfast. The lemon and poppy seed muffin was delicious, as was the coffee.

Once we  got a boost of caffeine and sugar, we headed towards Radcliffe Square to admire the architecture, particularly Radcliffe Camera. Designed by James Gibbs, this building is the science library belonging to the University of Oxford.

Next stop in our mini adventure to Oxford was the Hertford Bridge often referred to as the Bridge of Sighs since it is similar to the one in Venice. It is a skyway joining two parts of Hertford College (hence its name) and is one of the busiest landmarks of the city so prepare yourself for the congestion.

We then made our way to University Church of St Mary the Virgin, to not only look within the church but to also go up the tower. It is open to the public for £5 so you get to see the gorgeous views of the city from a good vantage point. Although, the issue for me was coming down from the tower as the stairs were narrow so I was holding on for dear life. 

Phew, feet firmly on the ground. We soon made a stop for lunch to refuel and got back on our feet for more exploring towards Christ Church Meadow.

A day trip to Oxford was so lovely and we were really lucky with the weather. We gandered around the city until our feet were too worn out. That was our cue to head to the station.

If you want to explore more of the UK, I would definitely recommend adding Oxford to your list. I hope this light read inspired the explorer in you to be more adventurous in the new year, be it big or small.

Until the next post, that's just a note from me.

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